Motorcycle Accidents- Determining The Liability For Passenger Injuries

Driver negligence in a single-vehicle accident

In a single-vehicle accident, the motorcycle is obviously the only vehicle involved in the mishap. When it happens due to negligence of the operator, you have a valid claim against him or her. However, there are two things that you will have to prove to win the case. Firstly, the operator was at fault due to negligent driving, and secondly, you sustained damage due to the crash. Motorcycle accidents can occur due to the negligent behavior of the operator, with factors such as overspeeding, drunk driving, being reckless at turns, and more.

Mechanical defect in a single-vehicle accident

Apart from driver negligence, a single-vehicle accident may also take place due to a mechanical issue with the motorcycle. The operator may be driving with reasonable care, so you cannot hold him or her responsible for negligence. The best thing to do would be to consult an expert motorcycle wreck lawyer for such a situation because you will have to establish the fault of the manufacturer. Since you will be fighting it out with a company rather than an individual, having professional handling it makes sense. Similarly, a mechanic can be held liable if the mechanical fault is attributed to the lack of proper maintenance of the vehicle. Obviously, this cannot be regarded as a manufacturing defect.

A two-vehicle accident with another driver

Another situation to consider is a passenger injury caused by a mishap with another vehicle. Unless it is completely evident that either of the two drivers was responsible, you will have to file claims against both of them. In most of the accidents, both parties are partially responsible. It is to be noted that a two-vehicle mishap can occur even without them hitting each other. For example, a motorcycle may slip if a car negligently cuts it off in traffic. In that case, the driver of the car will be fully liable to the motorcyclist and the passenger for the damages they suffer.

Considering the diversity of motorcycle mishaps, it becomes important to have your facts straight and gather the relevant evidence right after the crash. The role of eyewitnesses also becomes crucial to establishing the liability in these cases. At the same time, you need to have a seasoned attorney to assess and investigate the case so that they can help you get the best possible compensation based on the evidence and circumstances.

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