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There are people telling us not to drink and drive. Then, there’re loved ones who take promises to not drink and drive. And then, there’s the law. Which forbids it, penalizes it. But, all this isn’t enough for some jackasses to not drink and drive.

Drunk drivers are not only a threat to others’ safety but their own. But as Ted Mosby’s (from the sitcom How I Met Your Mother) grandmother says, “nothing good ever happens after 2:00 AM”. And that includes making good decisions. Which is why we come across so many cases of drunk drivers causing accidents in the middle of the night.

This case, however, is several notches above your regular drunk driving charade. This one happened on a Wednesday morning. But that’s nearly not the most striking part of it.

The striking part of it is how insanely drunk the driver seemed to have been.

The 29-yr old suspect, William Pruett, hit a 49-yr old biker in Mobile, Alabama. Naturally, any rational person would stop and attend to the person they hit.

But not this a$$hole. People like him run away, caring next to nothing for the person they hit, whether he lives or dies, whether he has a family not.

But as we mentioned earlier, this is a case several notches above your regular DUI.

This guy not only hit the motorcyclist, he carried away his bike, embedded in his hood, all the way to his home.

In fact, that’s how the Police got to know about him in the first place. When one of his neighbors saw him pull up in his driveway with this oddity of a hood ornament, they called the cops. Seriously!

How drunk do you have to be to not realize a bike studded in front of your car for miles! The biker was known to be in critical condition, last we could check.

Unsurprisingly, the a$$shole has been charged with a number of infractions and offenses. Again, not surprisingly, he’s had a DUI before as well.

We wish speedy recovery for the biker, and a speedy trial but a lengthy punishment for this douchebag.


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