Jury Selection Begins in Trial of Gunman in Barracks Ambush

The legal trial of Eric Frein, an anti-government sharpshooter charged with the murder of Pennsylvania State Police trooper and seriously wounding another one in 2014, has now moved into its final phase. Attorneys has begun to pick up jury on Thursday to get a final verdict in this capital murder trial in which Eric Frein can even possibly face a death sentence if proven guilty.

Eric Frein, 33, has ambushed at the barracks of Pennsylvania State Police in 2014 killing Cpl. Bryon Dickson II and mortally wounding trooper Alex Douglas. After a tiring hunt of almost 48 days in the Pocono Mountains by the Police, Eric Frein was finally caught by the U.S. marshals.

In the process of jury selection, up till now, almost 1, 200 people has been summoned and questioned by the judge. Once the finalists will be selected, the potential jurors will again be questioned individually.

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